Justine Menstrual Panties (Pack of 3)

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Maximum protection front and back, perfect for day and night.

Pack of 3 Menstrual Panties Justine.

  • Flow rate : 0,6oz = 2-3 tampons
  • Duration of protection : 12-24 hours
  • Designed for : moderate to heavy menstruation, light to moderate bladder weakness.
  • Feel : Lightweight, luxurious and comfortable with excellent protection.
  • Effect : Fewer single-use tampons and sanitary towels = a positive change for the body and the planet.

Why use Blizz ?

Absorbs : With the latest LeakProof absorption technology, our underwear absorbs your periods, leaks or discharges without leaving any moisture or stains on your clothes.

Maximum comfort : Experience your period with complete peace of mind, without the sensation of wetness, without leakage and without odour.

Elegant : Looks like a regular panty, elegant design with a lace finish.

Health first : Because we don't want products with toxic ingredients that harm the body, we have developed Blizz

Protect the planet : With Blizz, you help save the planet as more than 45 billion tampons and sanitary pads are thrown away every year around the world. It takes 500 years to break them down, so you can imagine the impact they have on our planet.

To wash Blizz panties, rinse them in cold water and then machine wash at 30°C.